Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pricing Transparency In Minnesota

A new website promises to provide pricing transparency to Minnesota residents.

The site can be found at and is offered by MN Community Measurement.

It primarily focuses on primary care services covering office visits, minor procedures and surgeries, labs, mental health and obstetrics. Just over 100 providers are listed in the new service.

The site is generally better and more informative that most state's pricing transparency efforts. The information includes specific provider pricing information such as the average price and the range of prices for each provider based upon what they typically charge insured patients.

For a list of other state specific sites see Healthcare Blue Book.

I can recommend that Minnesota consumers use this site, but they must remain aware that the prices provided are not a guarantee of the actual price patients will pay. Consumers must still make sure they request specific pricing prior to receiving services. Consumers can get free tips on how to discuss pricing with their doctors at Healthcare Blue Book.

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