Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cut Your Health Care Costs Now!

Cut Your Health Care Costs Now! is a new book by Brandi Funk, FNP-C that I just had the opportunity to review.

Brandi Funk is a board certified family nurse practitioner and health care advocate. With 15 years of experience helping patients, she as a lot to offer in her book.

Her book begins with suggestions for buying health insurance. Most importantly are the check lists to make sure your coverage will actually cover you.

She next shares useful tips on using your insurance. The book has lots of tips for traditional insurance and also for using Medicare. While many readers may have traditional insurance, they may also be helping their parents with issues involving Medicare.

Healthcare Blue Book
is focused on helping patients get quality care at affordable prices. Cut Your Health Care Costs Now! offers many suggestions to patients on how to save on health care expenses and prescription drugs. Of course, one of my favorite tips in the book is "Negotiate Your Price First". As we see every day, once a patient gets care; it is very difficult to lower the final bill. However, patients can save $100's or even $1000's if they know to ask about prices first. Often they improve the quality of their care too.

Cut Your Health Care Costs Now! has many other tips for consumers. It is well worth your time and I imagine that most consumers will save a lot more than the book costs. A book that pays for itself, how can you beat that?

The book is provided as an e-book. One neat thing about the e-book format is the fact that you can directly link to valuable resources provided in the book. Ms. Funk has excellent reference sources, lists, and content links throughout the book.

You can find the book here.

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